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A long time ago, when the first cowboys of the prairie gathered around the fire and grilled their first cuts from the loin, they wouldn’t have guessed, that one day their steak would become one of the most exquisite meals of the world. Today’s real steaks are grilled on wood embers and can be from chicken, veal or lamb, but the original steak still comes from the loin. To prevent the meat from shrinking in the heat of the fire, our master chef prepares a special marinade, of which the ingredients are his well-kept secret.


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Weekdays 11:00 – 24:00
Saturday 11:00 – 24:00
Sunday 11:00 – 24:00

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Papa Joe's Saloon & Steakhouse Soproni étterem


Papa Joe's Saloon & Steakhouse Soproni étterem


Papa Joe's Saloon & Steakhouse Soproni étterem


from the favorites of our 20 years


  • Goose stew soup backed

    in bread dough

    Allergens: 1,7,9

    1.450 Ft

  • Goose breast with sage sauce

    walnut sauce and pumpkin cake

    Allergens: 1,3,7,10,12

    3.750 Ft

  • Chestnut puree

    Allergens: 7

    990 Ft

  • Arran 2005

    Tokaji Single Cash Finish
    10 years old

    3.000 Ft/4cl

  • Clynelish

    Tokaji Cask Finish 54,1%
    18 years old

    3.200 Ft/4cl

  • Ben Nevis 2001 46%

    Tokaji Cask Finish
    13 years old

    3.100 Ft/4cl

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